Steven Clarey


About me:

Hailing from Carmarthen in South West Wales, Steven’s passion for imaging developed upon joining University Of Wales Trinity St David to study in 2010. Graduating with a BA Hon’s in Film & Media in 2013 also receiving the Tudor Bevan award for his contribution to creative arts in Wales.

Since graduating Steven has worked with a large number of clients including IMG Worldwide, Monster Energy, Ford Performance, Artifex Media, Hayfisher Productions, Panasonic Europe, Peugeot Sport, Genpower and many others.

He likes to pass on his knowledge and inspire others practically and theoretically, lecturing at universities, colleges, photography shows and is also happy to talk at corporate events.

Photographer that inspire me:

I really like Bruce Gilden’s work, I’m not a street photographer at all but I love how charismatic the guy is, this carries across to the fabulous work he produces. Also a big fan of a rollerblading photographer, Adam Kola, Adam’s been involved in rollerblading forever and his work is top notch.

My Favourite photo:

I really like a picture of a Subaru Impreza I took in Tokyo last year. It’s a panning shot of a WRX crossing Shibuya (the busiest pedestrian crossing in the world), my mother hates it but I love the picture.

When I became a professional:

I turned professional in 2013 just after leaving university.