Paul Gallagher

Paul Gallagher

Paul Gallagher

Paul Gallagher has been a professional landscape photographer for over 30 years and is also regarded as a Master Printer dedicating his photography to Northern England, the Scottish Highlands and further afield around the world.  He began his photographic career studying graphics and photography at Southport College of Fine Arts in Lancashire, England from which he gained a distinction in photography.  This led him to work professionally at commercial studios.  Some years later Paul was invited to return to Southport College as a lecturer in photography.

Although Paul dedicated over 25 years to using large format cameras and wet dark room printing, he now mainly uses digital equipment for both capture and printing. Paul has always been passionate about printmaking and in 2010 his company took over the Epson Print Academy UK to teach the skills of the digital dark room and fine digital print making in both black and white and colour. Paul is a much sought after lecturer and speaker and has spoken in many countries as well as photographic societies throughout the UK.

Paul runs landscape photography field workshops in the UK and around the world for his company Aspect2i, which he is a founder. He has received many commissions from organisations such as the Environment Agency and the BBC and his work has been used extensively by Epson, Ilford and Permajet to name a few.

Photographers that inspire me:

A difficult one, but I had read all of Ansel Adams’ books by the time I left college studying photography at the age of 18. He is a real inspiration. Also, the work of John Sexton still inspires me to this day.

My favourite photo:

Once again, a difficult one as there are so many! If I had to choose it would be “Boards and Thistles” Ansel Adams, 1932. As a young photographer, I craved for this level of clarity and definition of tones.  

When I became a professional:

As soon as I left college having studied photography in 1986, I went straight to work for commercial studios in Liverpool. I was 18. This is where my journey began over thirty years ago.