Nigel Danson


About me:

I am YouTube creator and landscape photographer. However, in reality I am just a lover of the natural landscape. Being dyslexic, photography had a profound impact on my early life, from when I uncovered the joys of developing black and white images in a makeshift darkroom. From then I discovered my love of light and how it could create infinite possibilities for photographs of what was otherwise a static landscape. After a literally heart stopping experience in Yosemite National Park, I made a massive changing decision to quit my corporate life as the CEO of an international software company I had founded and follow my love of photography to become a creator full time. My philosophy is to seize the moment, and to use photography and videography to capture the essence of my experiences along this amazing journey. I run workshops all over the UK and rest of the world to share my knowledge, experience and passion for landscape photography.

You can see my channel here documenting my story and experiences - www.youtube.com/nigeldanson

  • Past - Founder of a global social software company.
  • Present - Creator of inspirational outdoor photography content on YouTube
  • Future - More global residential workshops in stunning locations

Photographers that inspire me:

Ansel Adams - His foresight and vision for creating an image that captured what he saw not only by using the camera but also post processing in the darkroom.  I truly believe he would have been a massive advocate of lightroom and other photo processing tools now in use.

My favourite photo:


This is one of my favourite images over the last few years and it didn’t just happen by accident.  I had driven past the tree hundreds of times and always thought that it would make a great image but the conditions were never quite right for the shot I wanted.

It was one really cold morning in January when I finally took this image.   The sun on this particular morning looked fantastic as there was just enough mist to create a ‘sun ball’ effect.  I then realised as the sun was rising that there was a chance to grab the moment when the tree was hugging the sun as if it was trying to keep warm.

When I became a professional:

This is a tricky question to answer as I started selling my photos when I was 17 to help fund my progress through University.  This was all b&w images but I got lucky and Athena bought a set of my lake district shots.  I also sold photos through various hotels in the Lakes.  After completing a PhD and founding a software company I have come full circle and am now a full time professional.  My income is split between workshops, print sales, commercial work and revenue from YouTube.   I still see myself as a photographer but more and more I am asked to do commercial video work.