Nick Jenkins


About me:

I started an active and serious interest in landscape photography back in 2002 after I left the local electricity supply company. I had, for some time previously, been a very keen photographer but this was the right time to take that interest up a notch and actively pursue it.

My road to achieving this aim was really kick started when I was asked to join Light & Land, then run by Charlie Waite and Sue Bishop. I led tours on my own and as a co leader alongside Charlie. This taught me so much; How to hugely improve my, and consequently others' photography; how to interact with and inspire folk with similar interests;  and how to make an impact on learners and beginners.

I went on to lead for Tatra Photography, Aspect2i and HF Holidays travelling to so many photogenic locations and guiding clients through this fascinating pastime.

I now run courses and workshops as Freespirit Images  - daily and residential throughout the UK

In addition I market my photography; via Alamy, and fotoLibra as well as offering my work for sale as canvasses or prints.

Photographer that inspire me:

I have been hugely influenced by many photographers, including Jo Cornish and David Ward but the photographer who inspired me the most was,  and continues to be Charlie Waite - for the way he sees, and captures his vision so clearly.

My Favourite photo:

Brecon Beacons Early Morning

When I became a professional:

This was in August 2002  - I finally took the plunge