Michael Palmer


About me:

I am a full time photographer, and I also run Photo Experience Days (photo workshops), mostly around the south coast of England, but they've also taken me to Chernobyl (5 times), Scotland, Wales, Cornwall, Iceland, and later this year to California and Arizona.

I photograph both for fun and for work.  The work bits are normally people related – weddings, events, model shoots, while the fun bits are music (I've photographed quite a few 1980's festivals), and general stuff from landscapes, animals, astro.  I like to challenge myself with my photography, so I'm always looking to tackle new subjects.

Photographer that inspire me:

A cliché perhaps, but Ansel Adams is rather inspiring.  Any photographer who is able to make a decent living out of the profession inspires me.

My Favourite photo:

A favourite photo, that's a near impossible question to answer.  But this one, taken after taken a detour from a very busy dual carriageway through the New Forest last year.  I noticed this Morris Minor parked at the side of the road, in near perfect light.  I quickly stopped my vehicle and ran back up the road to photograph it.

When I became a professional: 

I became a full time photographer around 10 years ago after being made redundant from my full time job.  It was a case of then or never, so I made the leap and haven't looked back since.