Karl Holtby


About me:

Having being introduced to photography at a young age, some of my earliest memories are of developing black & white images with my father in our darkroom. I’m now a professional landscape and fine art photographer with a particular interest in the natural world. With a degree in conservation, it is often the ecological detail that intrigues and that is equally important as the stunning vistas. Of additional importance being to evoke emotion and capture the mood of a location.  An internationally exhibited artist, I’ve been fortunate to have been featured in many notable publications, including Black + White Photography magazine, the LEE Filters Xposure magazine, Landscape Photography Magazine and OnLandscape magazine. I am an ambassador for Sigma UK, supported by LEE filters and have worked with many other leading manufacturers.

Available for commissions, I also run bespoke workshops for photographers of all levels and regularly collaborate with the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust, leading group workshops and photo-walks, which combines my passions for conservation and photography.

Photographer that inspire me:

When I started to take photography seriously there were a few photographers that I admired, such as Joe Cornish and Michael Kenna. 

Nowadays however, most of my inspiration comes from the beauty of the natural world itself, with which I have always been fascinated. I think it’s very important to develop your own style, I also take inspiration from artists, such as Hokusai and Georgia O'Keefe. I think I’ve developed a certain aesthetic fairly quickly, I’m not sure where I’m heading with this but that’s the beauty of photography, you never stop evolving and that’s very exciting.

My Favourite photo:

Difficult but first image that springs to mind is one that I made at Wastwater, Lake District, titled ‘Icon’ (see gallery)

When I became a professional:

I'd decided to set myself up as a 'business' in 2016, a year which greatly raised my profile. I'd been working with a lot a manufacturers and I’ve been fortunate enough to be featured in numerous publications. Being short listed for Black and White photographer of the year in 2015 was also quite a confidence boost.