Alyn Wallace


About me:

I’m Alyn Wallace, an astro, landscape, and timelapse photographer based near the Brecon Beacons National Park in South Wales.

I’m truly blessed to live in the country with the highest percentage area of its land protected against light pollution and it’s something I never take for granted. My passion for the night sky stems back as far as I can remember, with the sight of my first shooting star at age 7 being one of my most vivid memories.

I bought my first DSLR when I realised I would be in a dark and beautiful location in Turkey for the Perseids Meteor shower in 2015. The ability to capture long exposures opened up a whole new world in my love of observing the night sky and I’ve been hooked ever since.

Photographer that inspire me:

Yuri Beletsky never ceases to amaze me. His love of astronomy just oozes out of his work and he manages to apply a personal artistic touch to each image without ruining the integrity of the night sky. No phenomenon slips through his net and there’s nothing this guy cannot capture to sheer perfection.

My Favourite photo:

From my own collection it would have to be an image I called ‘Portal’ that shows the Milky Way above Durdle Door with the light of the setting moon spilling through the gap in the rock arch. I’m still in shock that I came back from such an iconic location with a totally unique image but to be able to capture an incredibly special moment that lasted mere minutes will stay with me forever.

Of the above mentioned photographer, Yuri Beletsky, it would be his image of Comet Pan-STARRS and a crescent moon. It’s such a simple and delicate photograph and there’s something about knowing that this dream-like image is actually a reality that gives me an ineffable warmth.

When I became a professional:

It’s difficult to quantify a gradual process but I guess if I had to pick a date it would be March 2017 when I started my workshops. They’ve become far more successful than I could have imagined and taking people out under the dark night sky is one of the most rewarding ways to spend an evening - I’ve yet to meet a person who isn’t blown away by the stars and Milky Way! I’ve been shortlisted two years running for Insight Astronomy Photographer of the Year and recently received a NASA astronomy pic of the day which was a little childhood dream of mine. I do a lot of work with tourism companies and occasional TV productions and the work is always different, offering new challenges and keeping me on my toes; just how I like it.